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In summer, Cape Cod becomes a favorite place for all holidaymakers. Here go as townspeople, and villagers. All because in summer this is one of the best places to relax. And of course to get here from Boston is best on a limousine. Our Boston Limo service provides fast, comfortable and safe trips limo from Boston Logan airport to Cape Cod.

If you have not planned the route yet and think what places and sights are worth visiting, then we will try to help. Of course, all the beauty and wonders of this beautiful coast can be listed for hours. So we tried to choose the best of them for you!

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1. Martha’s Vineyard Ferry. Martas-Vinyard, the famous island resort in New England, is a fashionable resort where politicians and show business professionals traditionally relax. The island is 6 km from Cape Cod in the southeast of Massachusetts. On the island there are several dozens of hotels from "good" to "elite", but most people here are rich enough to own a house on the island. A great place, be sure to visit it when traveling.

2. Hyannis. Excellent sea boat tours, walks along the promenade, monuments and beautiful sandy beaches. Using the Hyannis terminal, you can swim to the nearby islands.

3. Commercial Street. Provincetown. The nicest street with small houses, restaurants and shops. Very narrow, cozy and bright. You definitely need to visit here!

4. Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum. The monument to the first settlers has a museum that outlines the history of pilgrims and settlers to Cape Cod. There are many exhibits and reviews of Mayflower and other ships. The monument itself was just as interesting - it was built in 1911 as a monument to pilgrims. When you climb a series of steps and stingrays, there are windows and plaques to read. You can stroll through monument and see Boston in good day. You can watch the harbor boats come, go, and feel a light breeze.

5. Chatham Lighthouse. Very good-looking lighthouse! Easy to access on limo.

6. John F. Kennedy Memorial. The memorial is on a hill on the outskirts of the town of Hayanis, where John Kennedy enjoyed spending his holidays. It is a bas-relief of the president against the wall of a large cobblestone and a small fountain in front of him. From the hill offers a stunning view of the sea bay.

7. Route 6A (The Old King's Highway). If someone has time, this is a fabulous trip near a lot of historical houses, farms and good shops. You must see this.

8. Scargo Tower. A great place to stop, go to the spiral staircase and to a wonderful view that you will not see elsewhere on Cape Cod. Be sure to visit while driving Route 6 A!

9. MacMillan Wharf. There are many opportunities for whale watching. Fishing trips as well as small shops along the way.

10. Cape Cod Canal Railway Bridge. A real bridge was installed. If you visit it at 19:30, you can observe that it goes down or rises to ease the go for the shipping ships. Usually in the raised position.

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